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i have never questioned the fact that i am moved by music and that one day i was going to move the world through music. many kids have dreams of singing and dancing when they are younger, but as they get older those dreams change. not me. at the time when some kids' dreams turn to being a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher or a nurse, my dreams of singing and performing grew stronger and stronger. i took every opportunity i could, from pre-school on, to sing and dance for whoever would hear me or watch me! however, it was as a classical music student at florida state when my dreams began to morph and truly take shape. i realized i didn't want others to just hear my voice, i needed them to hear my heart. i not only had something to sing; i had something to say. i wanted to sing my own songs. so, i packed my bags and headed to the land of milk and honey of singers and songwriters...nashville, tennessee!

there was another reason for heading to nashville...i love country music. always have. i clogged as a kid and fell in love with the heart behind the music and how great it made me feel. it was honest and authentic...just how i wanted to be.

i knew from my parents that success required hard work. no pain, no gain. so I enrolled in the commercial music program at belmont university. getting my commercial vocal performance degree at belmont challenged me as a songwriter and gave me amazing performance opportunities that expanded my musical influences and stretched me vocally throughout many genres. those influences are most definitely heard in my music today.

creating a moment through voice and song is my focus...which is why i'm so proud to be a country artist and a songwriter. whether it's something i've personally experienced, a story i've heard, a groovy guitar lick or simply a new idea, i am moved to write a song and make music. it is simply who i am! i want my songs and my music to inspire those who are chasing their dreams and those who haven't realized their dreams yet. this desire is what led me to make an album with a collection of my songs that truly encompass all of my goals as both a singer and songwriter. an album of my heart.

i have just finished my debut album, "i get back up!" with producer vince emmett and it is more than i ever dreamed it could be. i have already been fortunate enough to have my single, "get back up!" played on 100.5 WSSL and 92.5 WESC in greenville, south carolina and on 98.7 CAT country and 88.1 WUWF in pensacola, florida. just when i thought things couldn't get better, i released my album in upstate south carolina walmart stores. i have had the unbelievable opportunity to perform live shows and signings at these stores and i am currently slotted to perform as the guest artist at many of their grand re-opening shows! i have been overwhelmed and elated at the response so far, and i can't wait to hear everyone's response to the entire album! i am so excited to share my sound of country soul with the world; and i am especially looking forward to everyone hearing "i get back up!" hope you love it...

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